Emotions creators

Are cars and motorcycles in your opinion synonymous with pleasure, escape, travel and freedom?

This is the way the brand HORIZON Motors Care was created in Provence: concentrated, noble and natural raw materials, brought from the most beautiful places in the world to make you live or relive the scents of travel.

Elegance and refinement have guided every step of the manufacturing process of this range of natural and environmentally friendly products.

Attention to detail and efficiency have been the guiding thread of the development of each product. Make your cars beautiful, attractive and fragrant is the purpose of each of our achievements.

HORIZON products encourage you to project yourself in distant lands. They combine physical and emotional journeys, thanks to the extraordinary virtues of natural essential oils.

In order for you to find again the scents of a trip that has marked you or that you dream of, the range HORIZON is declined by country and regions. 3 first destinations are available:

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